Delayed The Metro Exodus, New Gameplay Coming At E3

Delayed The Metro Exodus, New Gameplay Coming At E3

Developer 4A Games has published a statement concerning the delay of Metro Exodus. In a tweet, the studio said knows this statement is really a bummer, however, said Exodus is the most ambitious Metro game so much and it is taking time to create it the"best." The studio also verified that"a lot of gameplay by a never before seen surroundings" will premiere at E3 next month.
Delayed The Metro Exodus, New Gameplay Coming At E3, securewingspro

Metro Exodus, the next match at the survival/horror/stealth/shooter series and also the first to incorporate a grand world, was postponed. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC game was originally due to start this season, but it is coming from Q1 2019, according to a press release from THQ Nordic. This works out to in the January-March 2019 window.

In its media release, THQ Nordic failed to offer a justification or explanation for why the match was postponed.

Like the prior Metro games, Exodus celebrities Artyom, who are fleeing the ruins of the Moscow Metro using a group of survivors. Publisher Deep Silver claims that the game will probably be a"sandbox success encounter," with gamers researching big, non-linear amounts in a narrative that spans a whole calendar year.

Exodus was declared during E3 2017 using a trailer that revealed Artyom at a collapsed tunnel full of skeletons. Then he walked out to the open and struggled a mutated rat monster. A follow-up trailer published during The Video match awards in December 2017 revealed even more mutated animals and inhospitable environments (you may see it below).

The latest entry in the show was 2013's Metro: Last Light, so it has been a long time coming to get a brand new game. The franchise was made and is manufactured by 4A Games, depending on the functions of Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. 

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