Darksiders 3 Publisher Will Not Be At E3

Darksiders 3 Publisher Will Not Be At E3

It is a very long trip from THQ Vienna's headquarters in Vienna, Austria into Los Angeles, where E3 is held each year, also this season that the writer has determined to not make the trek around the world. Because of this, not one of THQ Nordic's forthcoming games will be exhibited at the large convention.
Darksiders 3 Publisher Will Not Be At E3, securewingspro

It especially cited Devolver Digital's forthcoming media conference, which, if last years isn't any sign, is guaranteed to be crazy.

"It's with good sorrow that we at THQ Nordic has to report that we'll be not able to miss one moment of the great sporting occasion," the writer said. "Therefore, we'll be forced to remain in our beautiful Viennese beer gardens, blowing the froth off a few, watching soccer and one or two trendy media conferences onto Twitch (looking at you, Devolver) rather than swaying it ourselves"

THQ Nordic includes numerous matches in the works at the moment, such as Darksiders III and Biomutant. It is considering revealing off its games in other traditions, for example, Gamescom in Germany later this season.

In other news, THQ Nordic bought Koch Media before in 2018, meaning that Saints Row programmer Volition is once more beneath the THQ umbrella. 

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